Merge models on Miraco

Hi! I can’t seem to find an option to merge models on the Miraco. Do I need to use the desktop app for that or am I just overlooking it?

Also: would you always recommend making separate scans when you place an object on the turntable in different positions, or just do a single scan, pause, change position and continue and trust the tracking will do it’s thing?

Hi there
Merging is coming in a future update. For now, you have to do it with RevoScan5 on the PC/Mac.

With regards to repositioning, more often than not I just let it do its thing and most of the time it will pick up the change in orientation as long as there isn’t too much garbage data such as stuff behind the object. If the object is lacking features then it’s merge in RevoScan or CloudCompare.

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As Andy already said , this is planned for the future updates of Miraco , when it arrives is not yet exactly clear …
So please use PC , you can access Miraco hard drive via USB and manually copy and paste the project to your computer , then open it after in Revo Scan , never open anything direct from MIRACO’s hard drive , you must copy it first to computer , I actually created a clone of it and update it often .

For professional results you should only scan one angle of an object at 360 degrees, this will give you clear data … never overscan multiple times your scans as it may result in less ng processing time and bumpy results .

But of course you can do as you please , just be aware overscanning have own side effects…

Also please use Advanced mode for fusing , do not over slide everything to maximum , you will not have perfect results if you do … as always less is more , less is better

For example scan ing coin and fuse it in Advanced mode at 0.20 mm and meshing at level 4.3 will give you more details than doing all at maximum capacity , trust me on it … your point cloud is the most important data file … guide yourself based on your pointcloud fusing setting , as that will give you the proper Grid settings under meshing for always perfect results .


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