Miraco 16GB & far mode calibration card

Hey there! I pledged the 16GB model of the Miraco.

What I am wondering about though, is why it comes without the far mode calibration card. To me those cards seem pretty essential, and it’s not like the 16GB model will only be used in near mode, since you seem to need far mode for quite a lot of things.
Also, if I add the cards to my Miraco pledge, it looks like both the 28 usd for the cards and 15 usd for shipping is added while I am already paying for shipping for the miraco. That makes this card a 43 usd addon, which seems a bit excessive to me?

So to summarize my questions:

  • Do I actually need this far mode calibration card? And if so, why not simply include it by default?
  • What makes this card so expensive?
  • Can the 15 usd for shipping be removed when ordered together with a scanner?


Hi @Bjrno

Thank you for backing MIRACO.

We understand how you feel. Also notice how important the Far Mode Calibration Board is to you, especially if you need to use Far mode scanning most of the time.

However, we also understand that the Far Mode Calibration Plate is not necessary for everyone, which is why we do not include the Far Mode Calibration Plate in the package by default.

Additionally, because our shipping costs are based on the weight of the package, and including the relatively large Far Mode Calibration Board would result in an increase in weight.

We suggest you consider whether you want to buy it or not based on your needs, and if you still have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

Best ragards,

Thanks for the quick response. From the images on kickstarter the calibration cards look postcard-size but from your words I understand they are significantly larger.
Can these cards be ordered afterwards when needed?


Hi Björn, the big calibration boards are huge and there are 4 of them so not just one small board for Far mode .
That why increase in weight and they do not fit in already huge MIRACO package .

I recommend you order it with your KS pledge as you never know when you need it … if you purchased MIRACO you need both of them , other way why bother to purchase MIRACO. ? Make sense ? You going to use both modes …

Don’t wait for later … that’s my personal suggestion…

Best Regards ,

Yeah this was more or less my point. If it is needed, why is it not included by default? Anyhow, I’ll think it over. Might upgrade to 32GB version anyway.

Of course it is needed , no question about that . New scanners don’t need to be re calibrated at least for couple of months or longer …but in some cases it need re calibration like for example dropping the package while shipping or the scanner was bumped into something and lost calibration accuracy .
Revo Scan devices don’t have to be re-calibrated each time before usage as the calibration is strictly digital and not physical and mostly for High resolution modes.

But as I said before, you never know when you need it …
But in my personal option it should be part of the whole package as that what I would expect .
Adding it to the main package would be waste of packing and material but it still could be added to the main shipping box . Shipping it separately will cost more anyway.

Nothing else to add here since the rewards was set this way from the begining .

I would suggest you do … 16GB is not much when dealing with 3D models at that sizes … 32GB will offer you better expansion of future features that will be added for sure … never enough of RAM for smooth processing and overall speed…

BTW if you pledged before any of Revopoint scanner on KS you can upgrade at no cost .