Mini for Smaller Parts?


I’ve recently gotten the Range. It’s looking like the Mini would be better for small parts (mug size).

Is that the case?

Also checking to see if Revopoint offers the mini only with the bare amount of tools, since The Range came with the large turntable.

It depends on details on that mug sized objects. But mini really is for small objects and small details. I actually wouldn’t bother scanning anything bigger with mini. Especially if you have Range.

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Thanks yes, I’m looking at the mini to scan smaller objects.

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No , you will need to get POP2 for that kind of size .
Mini was made for scanning mini objects .

However Range can scan mug size objects without issue however the accuracy will be slightly less compared to POP2.
Remember mugs and any type of objects like that need to be scanned using marker mode due to low of features that are needed for tracking .
3D structured light scanners depends on the objects unique features for tracking and proper scanning .

I think Mini so far since it’ mug size or smaller down to clock parts.

Yes for the clock parts MINi will be better , just remember MINI uses blue laser , so most of the objects you are scanning need to be prepared with 3D spray for best results and accuracy . It is also very picky when scanning colorful objects like red, yellow, orange etc… since that colors absorb blue light .
When I use MINI I mostly spray all my objects since I want more precision and less noises .

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