Running Revo Scan on Linux

Hello all,

I am currently trying to get Revo Scan working on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.4), but with no luck so far.
It is sad that there is no official linux version. That would be useful especially for researchers (which sometimes have laptops running linux). Maybe that can be a consideration.

I installed Wine and tried to open Revo Scan, which worked so far. But no device is recognized. I know you have to configure Wine to use /dev/… devices (in my case they are under “/dev/bus/usb/002/00x” which I have done, but it still doesnt show up.

Did someone have more luck and can report successful scans via Wine or a VM setup?

I just managed to connect wirelessly (Pop2 in host mode) to the Pop2 using wine-7.7-staging (+dxvk, but it also works without) on Gentoo Linux.
I can see the streams from both cameras and even the realtime 3D preview … but after clicking “new scan”, setting the parameters and clicking ok, everything freezes.

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I just installed vcrun2019, vcrun6 and vcrun6sp6 into the wine prefix, using winetricks, and now everyrthing works!
I don’t know which of the three did the trick, though.

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Thanks for you tip, I wasn’t even thinking of connecting the POP2 via Wi-Fi, but that also worked (even without installing vcrun2019 etc separately, atleast on Ubuntu).

Did you have any luck for a working usb connection?