Running Revo Scan on Linux

Hello all,

I am currently trying to get Revo Scan working on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.4), but with no luck so far.
It is sad that there is no official linux version. That would be useful especially for researchers (which sometimes have laptops running linux). Maybe that can be a consideration.

I installed Wine and tried to open Revo Scan, which worked so far. But no device is recognized. I know you have to configure Wine to use /dev/… devices (in my case they are under “/dev/bus/usb/002/00x” which I have done, but it still doesnt show up.

Did someone have more luck and can report successful scans via Wine or a VM setup?


I just managed to connect wirelessly (Pop2 in host mode) to the Pop2 using wine-7.7-staging (+dxvk, but it also works without) on Gentoo Linux.
I can see the streams from both cameras and even the realtime 3D preview … but after clicking “new scan”, setting the parameters and clicking ok, everything freezes.


I just installed vcrun2019, vcrun6 and vcrun6sp6 into the wine prefix, using winetricks, and now everyrthing works!
I don’t know which of the three did the trick, though.


Thanks for you tip, I wasn’t even thinking of connecting the POP2 via Wi-Fi, but that also worked (even without installing vcrun2019 etc separately, atleast on Ubuntu).

Did you have any luck for a working usb connection?

Thanks for the wifi hint! Works fine!
You might find it interesting, that the Pop 2 actually is a little linux device and even has an open ssh port.
I brute forced the root password and it is “internet” :slight_smile:
Still hoping for official linux support of course, but anyway just opened a revopoint-pop2-linux-info repo on github with some info.

Maybe we can roll our own if nothing happens (I don’t think though, that there are many linuxers yet, who own the device - we’ll see)


Closing my account on this platform again, so don’t worry if I don’t answer to any possible replies here :slight_smile:
(would have edited my previous post, but edit option seems to be missing)
have fun all!

Hi All,

Trying to get RevoScan 4 working for the Range using Wine on Ubuntu. It seems to work for about 30 seconds but then Wine crashes and the following error message (along with heaps of other info) is displayed:

Unhandled exception: unimplemented function bluetoothapis.dll.BluetoothFindFirstRadio called in 64-bit code (0x000000007b011e0e).

I have added the bluetoothapis library in the Wine DLL overrides but the crash still happens. Any ideas?

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Never used version 4 with the scanner…

RevoScan5 even won’t start with wine :frowning:

I’d like to echo the request for a Linux version, and/or a version for Chromebooks. The app is not supported for Chromebook Android apps. I also can’t get Scan 5 to work with wine, with or without winetricks support. The installer just hangs the terminal window.


I guess I’m really the odd man out; my main workstation is running Fedora 37. :open_mouth: If I have to, will try running under wine, or a Virtualbox VM, but since all my other 3D tools are running natively on Linux, that’d be kind of a PITA…


(Made an account to comment on this)

I’d also love to see linux support from Revopoint. (I’d even warrant a guess that in this type of technical market that the percentage of linux users is probably proportionally higher). It looks like the scan software uses QT5 and OpenSceneGraph for a lot of functionality, both of which are cross-platform compatible and so it might not be that much work to port (even a slightly less functional version) to Linux. I don’t recognize another one of the biggest libraries but it might be ‘Point Cloud Library’ - which is also compatible with Linux.

(Have any of the developers even tried compiling a Linux build? It might be quite simple.)


Also the software has a MacOS port. And

macOS (/ˌmækoʊˈɛs/;[7] previously OS X and originally Mac OS X ) is a Unix operating system


I know this is not the same as Linux still I would be more than happy to have a Linux build too…

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Hi there !! Looking for a linux support do somebody installed V5 successfully ?


Tried running via WINE and PROTON while installing all of the recommended libs. Neither v4 nor v5 of the software worked unfortunately. Will think more about that, meanwhile, it’s such a pity REVOSCAN doesn’t provide a Linux version.

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I checked v5 on the crossover (commercial version of wine) just recently, but no luck either…