Leave your feedback & suggestions on the Revo Scan 5

I think CloudCompare can help you with this or you can also reduce the point cloud directly in RevoScan if I’m not mistaken

I was just about to jump on and request this feature.
Please dont just lock it to the Miraco, as this can be a software update.


BlockquoteAre there any plans to add a single-shot mode for mini/pop(2/3) in Revoscan?

Use simplifier in Revo Scan 5 to reduce the amount of points after meshing

Your cant do that just using software … as that is not just a software feature … you need also hardware that support it with proper algorithms , and early versions of the scanners may not support it , from what I know right now , only future scanners may have this function in the future … unless Revopoint get better idea…

That’s because of the acceleration sensor that detects the situation, right?

At least a single shot of sorts is always possible to implement the way i see it.

The software just has to take the minimum shots it needs and discard extra frames

Maybe not the same as the hardware single shot but this software single shot should result in a similar result

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not sure I agree with you on that, since the processing of the data is done on software. Perhaps there may be some new hardware used to assist in better quality single shot processing, but the ability to fuse single frames shouldnt be a hardware limitation.

You can currently emulate single shot by start stop resume scans, then using raw frame edit to remove the duplicates

You can even automate the turntable by using a python app that moves your TT then emulates space key.

It would be great to have this ability as internal feature of the software tho

haha yes, I was just about to say that, its just extra work, having the ability to have a single shot button next to the current play / pause would be nice.

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But I think moving forward with better quality results is to implement AI to filter the captured frames, I hope this is in development and made available to existing users.

Probably, it tracks and align also the single frames

I tried to do that since POP2 arrived , but somehow there is limitation as the frames did not aligned proper …

Scanning full 360 degrees rotation and remove manually frames can deliver better results since the frames are already aligned.

Hello I really like the new RevoScan 5 !
Great Update!
Here are some ideas for features I’m missing in the current RevoScan 5 Software:

  • Primitive Objects/shapes for Boolean operations to clean the point cloud !!
    (for example a cylinder to cut a clean hole when the scan shows false points in a drilling hole because of scanning angle /// cube + tube +sphere to cut noisy point cloud at positions in the model where you are not able to get an good angle with the lasso or polygon tool ) You can take a look at PrusaSlicer to get an Idea for this feature
    Attached you can see an example where it would be very helpful to clean up the mesh with boolean operation and a primitive tube shape for merging 2 scans. There is no easy way to clean the mesh with current lasso/triangle tool.
    Maybe in most cases a deselect tool would be enough.

  • Brush tool to select points in the point cloud to clean them up

  • Mesh qualitiy indicator like in the SHINING Software would be super cool

  • Tool to align the scan to coordinate system

  • Manual Pre Alignment of models before merge, or maybe complete manual positioning tool to merge different scans in case the software isn’t able to find a correct alignment with current merge options.

Thanks in advance!!


While raw editing, replace deleting of frames with the ability to enable/disable frames. Additionally, add a toggle to hide/show disabled frames (both in display and in the tree).

While raw editing, group frames into “components” based on the first 3 digits in the filename in an expanding/collapsing tree. For example, frame_000_xxxx is one component, frame_001_xxxx is another. Additionally, add the ability to split components into separate objects and/or force a realignment of components. Enable/disable at component level would also be useful.

Finally for raw editing, show actual filename instead (or in addition to) the current frame number display.

Many times, the major source of misalignments for me is between these groupings of frames. In fact, each group is usually an intact piece of the object that I would like to keep. It would be interesting to have the option to force a realignment between these groupings of frames, but the ability to split them into separate objects would be an improvement over duplicating the project and deleting frames.

Add the ability to browse other projects and import objects for editing, or at least access objects in other projects in the merge tab.

Add material properties or matcaps for the 3D display. I think I still prefer the old matte material to the new shiny one. At the very least a toggle between the old and the new.

While I’m being greedy, add the ability to undock and resize the 3D display.

Made me think of a remark to me made by my mate Phil Dench, who designed the scanning software for the old Cyberware systems: “It’s not a bug… it’s an Undocumented Feature!” :wink:

Not in this case @Guyblin neither a remark .
There is more on the hand than that .

Revo Studio 5.x (newest version to this date) has some limits in generating the mesh in my opinion.

I cannot set the quality value above 6. In Revo Studio (legacy) I can set it to 7 and get roughly double the triangles and a better quality.

I have in mind I could set that to 7 in earlier versions of Revo Studio 5 too. Please (re)introduce higher mesh quality building if possible (maybe even higher numbers as far as the point cloud allows it (or even interpolate points if above).


The first point is what you do in CAD after the scan. I mean that would be great to recognise the shapes in the scanning software but then it’s becoming a modelling software.
Check out shape detection RANSAC and CGAL that’s what that does. Free stuff in cloud compare.


I think it would be awesome to have the option to use a single-shot mode in the MINI scanner.
I work with professional 3D scanners, and to achieve high definition in small parts, it is fundamental to use this single-shot mode.


You can use already single-shot mode with MINI and MINI 2

I used single shot mode for most of my small scans here PUTV | SHOWCASE | MINI 2