Issues with Revoscan 5.3.3 on Windows 11

The Y mouse axis is inverted when using edit tools, so moving mouse up makes cursor go down, and vice-versa. Also, tool instructions are in a language I can’t read, but everywhere else in the UI is in English (the language I chose during installation).

Hi @imacmill

May I ask what scanner and specific editing tool you are using?

Do you mean the language at the editing tool is not English, do you know what language it is?

It would be better if you can record a video for our reference.

Thank you!

How do I send you a video? This web page only supports still images.

Hi @imacmill

You can send it to me via message. Or you can send it to

‘Message’ does not allow attachment of videos. Also, my video is about 14MB.

Hi @imacmill

Can you send it to my email at

Alternatively, you can upload the video to Google Drive and share a link with me.

I emailed you a DropBox link. Thanks.