Mac OS Intergration

The Revoscan and Revostudio software is very poorly integrated with Mac OS.

Some issues:

  • crashes, mostly on quit.
  • some button combinations needed to manipulate views are not possible or easy to do on Mac (eg pressing middle mouse button (who even has a middle button anymore?) to move an object.
  • the zoom function is incredibly sensitive, then not sensitive, then works in reverse making it very hard to move objects around in a timely manner.
  • making a change to an object resets the view back to home (why?). Selecting a different function also resets the view back to home (why?). If you forget to select the right function first, you then have to spend a few minutes moving the object around again using frustrating controls to get the object into the correct view - frustrating and time wasting.
  • menus are disorganised and do not follow Mac OS standards. example - Revostudio has only one menu option in the taskbar section of the app called “revostudio” (they couldn’t even be bothered to give it a capital letter). You can’t actually do anything from that menu other than quit.
    Instead the menus are in the app window itself. The menus start next to the revostudio icon.
    But how do you export something? None of the menus have export as an option? Well, the revoostudio icon is actually a menu also but there is nothing to suggest that to the user.

I do see that some people get good results from the scanner so I believe that it ‘can’ work, but Revopoint make the whole process so difficult, frustrating and inefficient that you have to have the patience of Jesus to make it work for you.

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I can’t help you here with Mac OS, but the statement about Jesus was about right … lots of patience