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I think the Edit Key Frames option is great, but …

Even after zooming in or rotating the data, the scanned data always zooms back out to the original scanning position when play is pressed.

On larger scans, like the front of my car, it is very time consuming to keep zooming in frame by frame.

Is it possible to amend the software to allow the scan data to be zoomed in, or repositioned on screen, and keep the amended orientation in place for further editing.

I’ve tried to get a video uploaded to here but can’t see how at the moment.


Hi Gary, the forum only allows 4MB of files to be upload and video is not on the list on allowed files .
Use free Google drive , or YouTube to upload your unlisted videos to share , you can also join Revopoint Discord server to upload videos there … Revopoint 3D

Absolutely needed! A toggle to lock the camera, and a hot key to home it manually when you need to.


I hear words about the keyframe editor…
This is a promising tool, but there are still few possibilities. It’s like seeing a car in your garage but not having permission to drive it.
I would like to suggest adding an ON/OFF button for the frame so as not to delete important data.
I think it would be good to mark frames by clicking on the point cloud. This will make it easier to find frames with errors.


I wish …this would be the best option to select the frame with that brush , it would lite red and easy to eliminate … hopefully the dev.tesm finally decide to add that feature . The rest is not important … easy editing on its best .

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Anybody like to join Discord server for discussions here is a link : Revopoint 3D

( for new users ) PC and Phone Discord apps available


I joined ages ago, but I don’t know what it’s used for, I’ve posted a couple of pics but that’s it.

Is it just one long chat?

If I knew how to use it I might lmao.

It is no more just a long chat … I made sections where you can interact with others users, ask for help, support or share your scans .

And I know what you mean… a long chat of everything and nothing aka the complaining chat … :laughing: where nobody know nothing or can learn from lol

Our Revopoint Discord have community style now …

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I didn´t know about discord server. I also always wondered what the difference between discord and some forum like this was :no_mouth: any advantages of using discord? I find it quite cozy and clearly arranged here. :grin:

That’s another place where I am getting on people’s nerves :laughing::joy::laughing::joy:

Join please Revopoint 3D
And have fun !
It is good if you are bored … come and check out ! Hehe

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I highly doubt that :grin: :rofl:

Yes! This is very time consuming. Going through each frame to try and find bad data. I just recently suggested adding a limit box in a different thread for doing final edits to an already merged point cloud.