RevoScan: Reverse mouse

It would be great to be able to invert the mouse in RevoScan: the mouse-wheel does exactly the opposite of what I would expect. The current setting has a logic though (“pulling” the object), my suggestion has the other possible logic (moving the camera forward).

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Hi @oliva

The object don’t moving in the scene , only the camera .
Under Display show the Grid , you will see .

It moving just in the proper direction for me . ( Zooming towards you )

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I know that it’s moving the user-cam - I tried to illustrate the thoughts behind the two direction.models.
All 3D-programs I know have the mouse-wheel react in the opposite direction: turning forward makes the cam move towards the object, turning the wheel backwards moves the camera back. I would love to be able to set RevoScan this way, too.

Yes please - having the current way around feels wrong and is the opposite to how I have other software configured. Please make it an option to invert the mouse scroll.