Issues importing from Miraco to Revo 5.4.2

I havent had many issues with importing in the past, but today a strange issues started to occur. When I try to transfer a new scan from the Miraco to my PC using WiFi it seems to work - the transfer works fine and gets to 100%.

On the PC I close the transfer screen and Revo closes completely - This is the same process I have always used and it never did this. So, I re-open Revo and the project isnt in the history - I then open projects and see the project in the directory, open the Revo file and the project is empty?? (I have done this 5 times today - same results each time).

I was going to try the a USB cable, but this is where I am sort of new - It shows 2 projects, but I have about 30 scans siting on the Miraco. The only way I know how to transfer the scans not shown in the projects view is to follow the process above - Maybe Im missing something that would make this easier?

EDIT - To add some additional information - Once the transfer is done and the screen says complete on Revo, it then asks if I want to save changes to the project with a cancel or save - if I click save it simply closes Revo and in the project directory, the Data folder is empty. No idea why its nots saving the transfer?

Screenshot 2024-01-25 143850

Any help would be appreciated


Hi @Robotica72

Connect USB to MIRACO select Transfer Mode , open Revo Scan on your computer and the library will open , select all the projects you have in the library and click import .

That’s all

If you do it manually , you can’t open a project direct from MIRACO , you need to copy the project first to computer before you can open it .

If you have 30 scans on MIRACO it will be huge amount of data , maybe more than 30GB , don’t do that … create new project for new scans to keep it organized and quicker moving it from one device to another, because if that one project get corrupted, you gonna lose everything .

Revo Scan also creates empty projets so that why it is not visible in the history .