Errer into tranfert with miraco via wi-fi

Good morning I have receved yesterday my new Miraco,
my problem is when I open the model and press the transfer icon on miraco,
I open a new scan into revoscan and using the code it import all the scan there is into Miraco
into the new file I have open… I use miraco onto the wi-fi
I think there was an error…
can you check this… and let me know???
Many thanks

i think got the same error. I always thought that I did something wrong. But in my case, everything is also imported all Scans into one project file.

Sorry my error, when I scan I press new scan but I must made a new projet intead… a new scan…
It could be confusing for new user…
I have the habit that when scan in phone all new scan was new project…
my error…
many thanks

That is impossible to import all projects into one project file on computer , only one project at a time … with one or multiple scans .

You do not import one scan , you import always the whole project … and if it include many scans everything will be loaded .

An option to import just a scan is not available

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