Miraco scan corrupted

I just got the miraco and started scanning some faces on far mode.
Everything worked fine for a single scan that I processed all the way in one go.

Last night I scanned a couple people in quick succession without fusing any of the data between people.
One of the scans got corrupted. I can’t see any of the data that was captured and the model folder appears twice in the project on miraco. If I select to resume the scan, it shows me the data that was already scanned, so it’s still in there. On the computer it opened the first time and then just disappeared.
The other scans appear to be fine. I’m able to fuse and mesh them without any problem.

I can’t go back to redo the scan. How can I recover the data that is still there?

Hi @diepzeevogel

Can you open the raw project on Miraco and process it to level of fusion ? It may help restore it , if it can’t be open on MIRACO to process ( not continue scanning ) then somehow the data got lost in the process … happen once to me in the last 2 months …

If you imported it to computer , you can send it to me zipped at putvmail@gmail.com

I will see if any data is there left or it is gone .

I can’t open it up on Miraco to fuse it. It just shows me there are 0 frames in the project. When I open it to resume the scan, the data is still there, so it’s certainly not ‘lost’

I’ll reimport it to my pc and send you a link. Thanks for taking the time to help!

Ok, so I fixed the issue it seems. I’m able to see the scan data again.
I tweaked the project.revo file to recognize the model node and then tweaked the models property.rvproj to match a newer file that I made. I think I changed param_index, rotate_state, source_type and scan_step and then I got it to work.
It would be helpful if revopoint shared the documentation on what these mean.

I know scan_step refers to the amount of frames (they have a 000-00x prefix), in my case 004 => scan_step of 4.

Hope this helps someone in the future!

That’s very interesting :thinking:
So the project itself was corrupted , not the data …

I have to see the link in a moment !
Thanks for letting us know

Hi, so this just happened again. Only just scanned the people. Turned off the device. When I boot back up it shows a preview of one of the previous scans (not the last, but actually the first) and after clicking on the model button, the model has 0 frames and is split up in 3 identically named models with the same name and no preview. This seems to be an issue on the way miraco handles its bootup. I think it overwrites the existing model with new metadata for a new model, but the data remains in there.
Hope this helps solve the issue. If you need any log files I would be happy to provide them, given some instructions.

Hi @diepzeevogel I never experienced it in over 2 months of usage and you are actually only one with the issue , so definitely something is not working correct .

I will add @Revopoint-Jane to this post to check on the available info and talk to the dev team about more .

You may need really an apartment with the team to check on your device to ensure everything is working correctly.

Because it hard to help you out without experiencing actually the same problem .

Hi @diepzeevogel

Please don’t worry. I will discuss this internally within us and then see if we need to check your device has to see what went wrong.