Is there Chromakey / suggestion

Hi, is there chromakey ability that allows auto removal/hiding of captured data?

for example, sometimes an object being scanned needs another object to prop it up so that the bottom can be scanned. It would be great if that prop object was automatically removed/ignored.


Hi @CubaseComposer

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Thank you for the suggestion, we now have a number of tools to clear your unwanted point cloud data.

The feature you mentioned varies from user to user because of the objects they scan, so it’s a different situation and may be a bit difficult to implement, we’ll evaluate to see if we can add it.

Like the turntable we provide, it is black and shiny and not easily captured. When you choose your support object, you can choose something black and shiny so that you can easily eliminate it later.

Good point, create a set of prop utilities spray painted black.

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Just remember that anything painted black will be not visible to the scanner , you don’t need any chroma key , Revopoint scanners don’t use photogrammetry, it is completely different technology . Black painted props will be not supporting your scanned objects as they would be completely invisible .

There are cleaning tools and can automatic clean all your lose fragments that are not attached to the main scanned objects , it is called Lose points .
You can also use a brush to select only your main scanned object and reverse the selection to eliminate everything else, so many ways for that reason chroma key is not needed or do not apply for this kind of technology here , the algorithms taking care of it automatic .