Tracking problem

I use a turntable and a tripod, but the tracking is constantly lost and the point cloud drifts away.

I use the mode for dark material and it works quite well, but only in one position. In such a situation, there are a lot of holes in the model.

I understand that the turntable is spinning too fast or the program is running too slow.

The program works very strangely and illogically. After scanning at one position, I can click the stop button and get the averaged point cloud. After that, I can click the “play” button and continue scanning from the new location, BUT there is no information from the cameras in the windows on the left. I can’t configure the view I need to continue scanning. At this very moment, tracking breaks down.

Why the program can’t continue tracking the object and stop recording the point cloud. This will help you continue scanning from a suitable position.

I try to scan the steering wheel from both sides, but I can’t do it. What is the approximate depth of the space scan? It is different for each mode. Is it possible to increase the scan depth to get the primary cloud and then supplement it with more accurate scan modes?

The round stickers proved to be useless in this matter.

Is there any solution planned?

That was hard, but i did:


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The scanner loses tracking your object because it has all the possible disadvantages: It is black, it is shiny and it is symmetrical. in these cases it is necessary to use the markers or to use a lacquer of 3d scanner.

Can you tell us how you got to scan it ? (Very good result )



I will try to make a review on my YouTube channel (Evgen Rosta - YouTube) and describe how I got this result. I have already determined for myself that you need to put some additional objects in the scene for good tracking.