Software Feature Request - Scan Timeline Editing & Scan Layers

It would significantly improve the scanning experience if there were a more robust display of the scan data timeline. Right now I’m getting excellent results off of my MINI, however the software side of things is making the scanner painful to use for any challenging applications - a limitation that does not seem to come from the hardware.

The Revopoint software is capturing frames of point cloud data but only allowing gross undo/redo when trimming the timeline of scanned point cloud frames. If users were instead able to trim from a scan timeline they could much more easily remove bad scan sections of data. This can be accomplished with a simple 1D edit timeline (like those in NLE video software).

It would also be helpful to be able to group sections of scanned frames into different layers and process/export them separately. This way small collections of “good” scan data could be exported as separate files to be merged externally.


Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I have forwarded your suggestion to our R&D team. We might consider adding it to our development plan.

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I really like this idea. It would allow you to be able to clip out locations and keep others, or potentially would be interesting to use this features to separate out scans into different bodies and then merged later.

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