Is there any SDK or API?

I am working on a research project related to 3D-Reconstruction and I would like to use the data from the POP scanner.
Is there any way to access the point clouds from the device programatically (preferably using C++).
I haven’t looked around very much; so sorry if I missed something obvious :slight_smile:


Josuer, Did you got any response from revopoint?
I have same needs with you.

There is an SDK. The folder containing the files was apparently moved, but I downloaded the 7 ZIP archives. If you have a cloud upload link, I can send them to you.

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Was this ever resolved? POP 3d scanner SDK would be incredibly useful to me.

sorry, for my super late reply

No, I didn’t get any answer.
An FAQ from August 21 states that they don’t have an open API ([FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about POP)
Did someone succesfully use the files from JeffLindstrom?

I didn’t send them to anyone, so… no (including me).