Is there any SDK or API?

I am working on a research project related to 3D-Reconstruction and I would like to use the data from the POP scanner.
Is there any way to access the point clouds from the device programatically (preferably using C++).
I haven’t looked around very much; so sorry if I missed something obvious :slight_smile:


Josuer, Did you got any response from revopoint?
I have same needs with you.

There is an SDK. The folder containing the files was apparently moved, but I downloaded the 7 ZIP archives. If you have a cloud upload link, I can send them to you.

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Was this ever resolved? POP 3d scanner SDK would be incredibly useful to me.

sorry, for my super late reply

No, I didn’t get any answer.
An FAQ from August 21 states that they don’t have an open API ([FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about POP)
Did someone succesfully use the files from JeffLindstrom?

I didn’t send them to anyone, so… no (including me).

Is there any possibility to get to the API?

I haven’t investigated it, but there have been multiple firmware revisions, along with two new product releases, since I saw the SDK over a year ago, so I am doubtful that that version would work.

:frowning: But maybe we could try? In what language is the SDK written? C++? Otherwise, is the concept for me useless, as I do need to work with the mesh data further myself. And not in some proprietary application :slight_smile:

You can output the Point Cloud in PLY or OBJ format (the STL format does not support Point Clouds).

Wouldn’t that be enough?

Yes, for the start, yes :slight_smile:

Hi, Josuer,

Thanks for your support.

The SDK is on the schedule, please stay tuned. We will release the alpha candidate when the product is ready.



Please let me know when the alpha comes! Looking really forward to it. I have already the box home, but can’t prepare the presentation for customer without it :slight_smile:

Use case is right now fairly simple:

  • trigger the camera start/stop scanning from the code
  • get the mesh of the points after the scan stops

I would want to access pointcloud data before it is fused, so one dataset per frame. To scan bigger objects, I plan to use a rigid (ceramics) baseplate with very precise markers on it. The (precisely known) placement of the markers would be used to avoid accrued error.

So I would love to have an open API or at least an option to export prefuse data.


Now that the Revo Scan software can control the “Dual Axis Turntable”,

It would be great to include the ability in the SDK or API for requesting; tilt and rotation.

Add me in for interest in an SDK. I really like the POP and the MINI, but I have ideas for them that the software just isn’t cut out for.

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Dear Revopoint anything new in this topic?

+1 for an SDK (for the mini, in C#). Would love to capture point clouds frame-by-frame!

Hello Vivian, any update about the SDK??? Thank you!

Hi @Will the alpha candidate is not ready yet and I don’t know exactly the schedule , but I don’t expect it to happen before march 2023