Export point cloud data as .PTX from POP


I’m thinking whether it’s possible to export point cloud data directly from POP through future firmware/software update?

I know that 3D photogrammetry software like Reality Capture can import LIDAR scan and images to produce highly-detailed mesh with texture. In my point of view, there’s no difference whether point cloud comes from Lidar or 3D scanner like POP.

So I just wonder if we can get point cloud file directly from POP in .PTX format. Then we can import .PTX from POP and images from DSLR into photogrammetry software to generated high quality result.

Hope it’s reasonable.


I’ve been thinking about this, too. The problem is that each successive point cloud data scan will have a different coordinate system if either the POP or the object being scanned is moved, even in the slightest amount.

The POP works by integrating successive scans that are not too different from each other so that it can properly assemble them. Unfortunately, in my experience, it is easy to fool the algorithm, resulting composite scans that look like two vaguely similar objects having been mashed together. Handy Studio has been fooled when assembling two different scans, too.

If Photogrammetry techniques were applied to a series of point cloud data scans instead of a series of 2D images, this could work. Which software already does that?