Handheld stabilser

Just wondering how much of a difference this is making to handheld scans with Pop 2 and Mini ?

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I am still wondering too if there will be any improvements since I do have a very stable hand in general I work with hand precision on daily basic … not arrived yet so can’t tell you how much it will improve but I believe you can mostly profit from it while scanning people to keep better the tracking while walking around the scanned object . Intense shaking may be the cause of artifacts and lose of tracking .

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Thanks PUTV.
How about the dual axis turntable ? Do you find that makes a difference ?
Trying to decide which one to ask santa for. :smile:

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To be honest Dual Axis with DATT controller ( android app ) yes , I love it but not the way it is controlled from Revo Scan . Actually using it now all the time , big time saver and faster scanning .

Talking about Santa … please get yourself upcoming Revopoint scanner Range you don’t want to miss this , especially when it will be available on KS …

That’s all I can tell you for now … mind blowing…


Well now you’ve got me intrigued. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve watched a video of the turntable, it looks really effective so I’m leaning towards that.
Not sure I can wait for Santa though. :smile:


You going to have probably better experiences using the dual axis turntable , at least it improves scanning …

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Well can’t talk about the details yet…but it’s awesome .


Plus one on that understatement haha😜

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Do we have a date for the Kickstarter ?

Revopoint will announce it soon with all the details , I am not allowed to talk about that at this moment .

So far as it goes seem to help with tracking especially with phone app. Works well just wish I knew what the alt modes are is not clear and lacking a manual does not help.

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Not another scanner like a Mini 2? Don’t think I could handle the speed of product replacement.

Product replacement? Why would we need MINI replacement ?, MINI is made for scanning very small objects .
Each device is made for scanning specific sizes of objects .

None of the previous devices can do what the new can do … that’s all I can say …

No replacement, just another tool for the collection for those that want and need to go big …very big

i pledged on the POP then a few months later the POP 2 came out. just thought that might be where the new Kickstarter was going.

It’s the same with pretty much any tech product.
You buy an iPhone, 6 months later there’s a new one out.
Same with 3D printers, laptops, games consoles, etc.
It’s always been that way.

You see POP2, MINI and RANGE was already work in progress when you pledged POP .

I know about Range before MINI was announced.

There is not one scanner that can do everything , so you get the one that fits your needs mostly .

MINI can’t replace POP2 or Range replace MINI , different devices doing different tasks.

Range is not another iPhone # in the line , it is a new product Tool that do a specific job like no one before it in the Revopoint line of products .
It can’t replace anything because it works on a different scale .

It can only replace the device you purchased by mistake thinking it will do what you were hoping for …

Range can’t scan anything in the range of MINI , so not a replacement.

But if you looking for scanning big stuff like a car in a couple of minutes or need to scan 700 people a day, then that is a scanner for you .

Go big or go home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: