Iphone and miraco pro

How do i connect my iphone (with installed Revioscan 5) with thw miraco pro

You can’t connect MIRACO to your iPhone , you only can connect Miraco Via USB to computers running Revo Scan 5 ( excludes mobile versions )

Thank you for the information! Will there be a update in future to use Iphone or Ipad as well?

No, there will be not updates to use MIRACO on mobile devices, it is Android Tablet mobile system itself , it would be the same if you try connect Android Tablet to your iPad ? Your iPhone can’t process the data faster than MIRACO or have enough RAM as your MIRACO PRO .

What’s the point of that ?
You need a computer Mac or PC to have better processing when using MIRACO , not worse than MIRACO itself .

Its not very important to transfer to my i phone, but i do habe my 3D printer connected to my phone. Easiest way for me would be, to export project from miraco direct to my anycubic printer. This means revopoint scan on the miraco has to transfer stl in gcode and than transfer possibilities to rhe printer by export function!

Ok I understand now your needs.

There is not export function on MIRACO for single models , only full projects for that reason you need computer .

There will be no away to export MIRACO project to your mobile phone to access the scans .

So right now there are no other options , if in the future Revopoint decide to have single model export option it will be possible for you to do that without using computer .

Thank you for information :+1:

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