RevoScan5 iPhone app: share to PC without processing?

Would be nice to use the app without having to ‘bog down’ the iphone with processing if you could just share the model without any processing, so this can be done on a more powerful computer. And yes of course I’d love GPU support, my GTX 8060 doesn’t seem to do any of the heavy lifting…

You don’t have to process anything if you want to do that on your computer after import , just hit the HOME arrow after stopping scanning and do not go to processing , the project will be saved as RAW ready to import and process on your computer .

Revo Scan 5 is CPU based and relay hugely on greater amount of RAM , that why processing using GPU is not efficient in 3D scanning , as it would request all users to have very expensive graphic cards to be able to do anything .
Some of my projects are being 32GB , so impossible to process it via GPU as you will need 32GB VRAM and 64GB RAM to process it …

Thanks for the tip, I will try that out!

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