[iOS] Revo Scan V5.3.4

Hello everyone, Revo Scan 5.3.4 for iOS is now online.

Download it at: App Store

Update points:

  1. Adds powerful post-processing capabilities to enable the manual editing of captured data.

  1. Texture mapping is now available for color scans.

  1. Adds rectangle and lasso selection tools to select and delete point cloud or mesh data.

  1. The rendering status of the model is now shown.

A few quick notes:

Notes say “manual settings” for fusion and meshing which I assumed would be point distance and mesh quality level settings, but it still picks these values automatically. At least it displays the value being used, and it is much better than whatever the previous versions did.

Standard and Advanced buttons both seem to result in Advanced fusing.

I will investigate further, but something weird is going on where it looks like the scanner position is not being used correctly in the fusion process. It will look OK while scanning, but upon fusing you get this fun with a handheld scan:

This is baked into the project file somewhere, as fusing on PC (screenshot is from PC) gives the same result as fusing in iOS.

Lastly a question: is single frame capture supported?

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Hi @TheBoatScans

Thank you for the prompt response. I will get back to you as soon as I have discussed it with the dev team.

The manual editing refer to isolation points and overlapped points plus editing and settings for standard or advance .

It is technically impossible to mesh or fuse the mesh at the same quality as on computer , not enough RAM and the processing time would be forever .

This new version is based on a MIRACO system app but simplified to be able to run on a mobile phone .
Unless your phone don’t have at least 16GB of RAM the full processing are limited for an obvious reason . And the majority of phones don’t have 16GB of RAM available for processing .

But I guess that is a great move forward in the evolution if mobile RS5 , and definitely better than anything before it .

Some additional information:

When on the model screen, pushing back creates a new project for the next scan and pressing new scan add the next scan to the selected project.

The odd alignment I encountered only seems to affect my Mini2. I can’t replicate the issue with my Range2. On the Mini2, if I change scan settings the alignment issue goes away, but it returns when I force quit and reload Revoscan. The issue does not occur with the desktop version.

New observation: edges are not being handled well. Mesh and point cloud images:

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The edges issue is here for quite some time with all scanners after the algorithms changed . Sadly they need to be edited and cut off before merging , lots of work .

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