My impressions after unboxing and first scan


  • Scan worked reasonable well.
  • Scanning speed was rather good.


  • Package has a lot of “nice to have for a quick start, but otherwise a dime a dozen”- items, while items I would consider essential, are missing.
  • Shipping cost to Germany is borderline highway robbery.
  • Box contains a USB-A as well as an USB-C cable instead of an USB-C cable and a USB A to C adapter (which could have cut the cost, or could have been used for a longer or better cable)
  • Scan quality of my first scan has been rather meh. Usable, but loosing a lot of detail. Furthermore detail it seemed it already had scanned. (I’ll revisit this point after a few more scans)
  • Seems I finally have to clean up my phone, because scans take a lot of data.


  • A power injection cable should be essential.
  • So should be an quick start guide. (E.g. Mentioning the quirk of POP with wireless)
  • I really don’t like how the device handles wireless. Client only and only a fixed network name and password.

Final thoughts:
I initially thought I would use the device mainly on my PC, but using a phone seems so much more handy.
A Linux (Raspbian) version of the software might be nice. A Pi4 should have enough (CPU) juice to pull it off.

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