Image sensor shutter type

I am using POP2. Scanning using a turntable is very satisfactory. However, it is difficult to obtain accurate 3D data when scanning by hand. Is the image sensor of POP2 a global shutter type? Otherwise, is it a rolling shutter method? It’s very important to me to know exactly what the shutter type is.

For projection it uses DLP infrared projector to project vertical lines on the surface in 2 sequences right-left, for reading the infrared patterns it uses 2 infrared Depth camera sensors , and for color data it uses RGB camera sensor .
Digital Shutter speed for all is : 10FPS ( at best performance) Marker mode shutter speed is around 8 FPS

Structured infrared light scanner as POP2 relays heavily on objects features , too much shaking or fast movements while handheld scanning can induce blurred frames that can mess up the tracking of the patterns .
For that reason moving slowly and steady at the speed of 30 or less second per 360 frames is recommended. And of course enough features to keep proper tracking .

How bigger the scanning distance how less features are required per FOV for tracking , however as with all structured light scanners in the world , the closest distance available will provide the best accuracy of the scanned object . Meaning how close you go , how more features are required for tracking .

Scanning in Marker mode will replace the needs of an object features .

And to be clear , POP2 is an Infrared Structured light Scanner , not Photogrammetry based 3D scanner .

And regarding your shutter question , I believe it is a rolling shutter on all sensors as with most consumer grade products . For that reason it can suffer from motion artifacts while shaking or too fast movements. At least the RGB sensor use a rolling shutter as it is obvious .
For that reason how more frames per second a scanner can offer, how better the performance while handheld scanning.


I am very grateful for your detailed explanation. Have a nice day.

You more than welcome ! have a nice day !