POP 2 suitable for outdoor scanning


I have a POP 2 scanner and would like to get peoples opinion on how well it handles on outdoor objects like rocks/statues etc.

From my own experience using it with the mobile app it struggles to track any sort of detail outdoors and in the depth preview window it is completely blown out in exposure.

I would like to use it to capture organic things to turn into game assets but might have to reconsider this workflow if the scanner isnt suited for outdoor/large objects.

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Being infrared, bright sunlight will overwhelm the sensor. At the very least, you must select full overcast sky days to do outdoor work.


You’d be better off scanning outdoors at night, perhaps with an LED light (they don’t emit much infrared light) if you want color scans.

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You will have to use it on a cloudy day , and always set up proper your gain settings under Depth Camera preview . The ideal time is one hour before sunset , as I do also assets for 3D rendering and games . You can use LED light as Jeff suggested , since LED light do not emit any Infrared Light for that matter . So you will get proper light , of course you need 2 light sources on both sides to avoid shadows . But it is not as easy as you imagine , it cost some patience, time and good workflow and lots of RAM on your phone . The best for me was BODY mode at 40 cm distance .

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I was just thinking: would the heat that objects radiate, which have been exposed to sunlight for a long time, affect the quality of the scan? :thinking:

I don’t think you can use it in any high temperatures it will shut down . The quality of the scans will be affected by the sun light since sunlight also produces Infrared Light , it will confuse the scanner sensors . It is nit about the visible light , it is about the invisible IR , same like a night vision , you can;t use it on a sunny day will blind you out, so think about POP2 as a night vision scanner as it can scan perfect in complete darkness .

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What I meant and was wondering about is the object itself. Imagine something standing outside in the sun the whole day, it would be hot. Thus radiating heat, aka infrared light. I wonder if that would affect the scan quality, if the surrounding is dark or shaded, but the object itself is warm or hot.
I imagine one could just run a test: take something moderatly hot (don’t burn yourself) and place it in front of the POP: if the depth camera is blinded, you should also consider the temperature of the object to scan.

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The best way of testing it would be a hot glass , if you can scan it with hot water inside it then yes , if you see nothing then No, very easy test .

I know for a fact that TV remote control do interfere with , because I checked :wink:

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