Question on scanning speed

I am wondering what the optimum moving speed of the scanner relative to the object is for best accuracy with POP3. Moving too fast is clearly no good as the chance of tracking loss will be higher. Not sure if it’s the same with scanners but taking photos of a fast-moving object will result in blurry image which is always bad. But then I have heard about this “over scanning” thing. Having too many frames in the same scan seems to be bad for accuracy. Can anyone shed some light on this pls ?

You can have around 360 frames per one rotation what is speed around 30 sec per 360 , infrared scanners like POP3 like it slower rather than faster but not slower than 40 sec per 360 rotation .

Tracking is based on the object features not the speed , so if your object have enough features you will keep the tracking regardless.

Overscanning happening when you scan multiple times the same area or more than 2 rotations , it will not give you more accuracy but actually less due to too many overlapped points that will need to be cleaned after .

Less is more …

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