Pop2/3 good for handheld scanning?

After watching countless review videos I got the impression that pop2/3 can achieve good accuracy for reverse engineering in table mode only. When used handheld, tracking is always problemetic so there is no point to talk about accuracy. Is this the common limitation of scanners at this price level ?

Hi @new23d

Tracking issues is not an issue of a scanner , it is a end user issue , because 3D structured light scanner heavily dependents on a object features to be scanned correctly , no features no tracking , the math is simple .

3D scanning is not taking video or pictures , it is following the objects features and if features are not available , there is special marker mode that replace features .

Of course everything needs some learning curves and understanding of 3D scanning if that type .

Why pay 20K for the same scanner with the same principles when you can spend below 1K and have better results if used correctly .

The highest Accuracy with 3D structured scanners works only at the closest distance between the scanner and the object , different distances will create mixed accuracy .

And tracking do not really have here anything to do with accuracy , the accuracy is the volume of the scanned object … tracking are features of the object .

How smaller the FOV of the scanner how more features are requested to be closer together to keep tracking .

For Example Range require features to be 8 cm apart , POP3 4 cm apart , so this is logic if you scan an object with POP3 and the features are apart at 8 cm it will lose tracking …

For that reason Revopoint have different types of scanners to scanning different types of objects at diverse FOVs

Choice wisely what you want to scan with and you are set with the proper device …

On top POP3 and INSPIRE is weapononized with IMU system to keep the tracking working even better .

What is IMU ?
An inertial measurement unit (IMU) is a device that integrates multi-axes, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and other sensors to provide estimation of an objects orientation in space. Measurements of acceleration, angular rate, and attitude are typical data outputs. MicroStrain’s IMU inertial sensors are commonly used in robot dynamic motion and terrain compensation, payload platform stabilization, camera pointing applications and stabilization while 3D scanning .

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tracking on pop3, Inspire or Miraco benefit greatly from IMU compared to older scanners ( I alos have pop1 and pop 2, which I still think have fairly good tracking).

Depending on your need for accuracy I would chose between them or for smaller and even more accurate scanning (but preferably stationary with turntable) think about Mini.

And not to forget about newly available singleshot-mode for all scanners using RevoScan 5.4.3.