I want to download an older version of REVOSCAN

After updating Revoscan to 4.2, it became very unstable.
The quality of scans has also deteriorated.
Or rather, it stopped scanning properly.
I want to download an older version of REVOSCAN.
is there somewhere?

Hi @miwa Revo Scan 4.2 is the most stable and best working software since Handy Scan .

I tested each of them since the first release and I know exactly what quality they can deliver in each version and what don’t .

You need to proper setup the new gain settings to get the perfect scan out of it , just clicking auto is not working anymore , you need actually to select just the surface area and after that switch to Manual and continue scanning ( if the object is just in one color )

However I experience scanning issues with the last firmware update .
I also found out that after firmware update the device must be calibrated , as my went from 0.0200 to 7.8000

So I suggest you to makr calibration test first and check the values and if the values are below 0.09000 , reinstall the new software and try again .

Check also the Starting Point/Download section in the forum and see if early versions are still available . However they are not optimal and do not deliver proper point clouds the way 4.2 do .

Also if your object lost tracking it has nothing to do with the software at all but with the object itself and if course the gain settings , distance etc …

where to download version 4.2?

On the official revopoint3d.com website under download , but remember not all scanners works with 4.2 proper , that include Range and POP3 that was not made to use with 4.2, your quality and functionality will suffer .

Best 3D Scanning Software - Revo Scan 5 the latest old RS version is 4.3.2 and there are no older version to download than that .