Continously transfer recording to the PC in real time from Range2 3D scanner

Hi, I want to know if I can stream the recorded 3d files to the PC in real time?

Hi @Prabhakar

This is the only way to stream the data direct to PC while scanning with Range 2 , since you need to connect Range 2 to your PC and Revo Scan 5 to even start scanning . You can monitor the scanning process direct on your PC screen and everything is recorded into project folder on your PC and easy to export .

If you use a phone for scanning using Range 2 , you can import all your projects to your PC using WiFi .

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Thank you very much for the clarification. Can I assume that it will be the same for revopoint Moraco 3D sensor? I.e., I can achieve really time streaming with that sensor as well?

Yes you can use MIRACO connected to PC using USB and RevoScan5 in PC mode and scan direct on the Screen on your computer , I do that to stream my scanning session in real time as well .
With Miraco you can also record your scanning session or stream it to PC using video card direct from MIRACO system software so more possibilities.

MIRACO is independent so it don’t need other software for scanning , but it can use PC RevoScan5 as any other scanner , so more versatile .