How to scan a Back object with white dust with MINI

I recently bought a mini and I am unable to properly scan the any objects other than the sample.

I read a lots of forum posts and tried different settings no luck.

My current project is to 3D scan a Black object that is around 7mm thick about 2ft long. I read mini can not scan Black. So I used a powder to cover the Black surface. then tried to Scan. It gets the starting point right then it can not track properly and scans are weirdly overlap/extend.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I can add more details.

Add items or markers around it

I had a similar problem. I printed sheets of paper (A3 size) with black background and white dots as markers, this stopped the 3d scan ‘runaway’ as it is called, as the markers keep it on track. This way you do not have markers stuck all over the part you are scanning


Thank you for both suggestions.

Only tried the paper with Black dots and it worked for two of my projects. here is a pic.

Mix little baby powder with isopropyl alcohol and use a normal spray bottle to spray it on your object , you will get better surface after scanning with less artifacts.

If you use the paper with printed dots , you need to scan using marker mode only.

You can add simple objects around it also and use Feature mode for best results . Later you can cut it out in Revo Studio or your modeling software you use .

You can also put the object on a black garbage back to avoid scanning the background and if you have 3D printer , you can print some small cubes to use as tracking points in feature mode .

There is lots of tricks to get that job done quick and easy .

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Ultimate goal to 3D print. I will try your suggestions. Does surrounding objects Color matter?

PS: One issue had with dots when I changed the scanning object position it was unable to properly track.

I haven’t tried the baby powder yet.

I scanned again with Black dot background + some smaller objects and results were not great with mini.

Part is about 2ft long when it comes to middle area start loosing track.

I am not sure baby power will solve the issue.

Any suggestions?

the color need to be bright if possible , the best white to gray in color , other colors may not keep well tracking and definitely not red, yellow , green or black .

The dots are good for one scanning session , once you move your object you can’t track it again using this method , I suggest you scan in sessions and later merge them all in one object using Revo Studio

first of all MINI was not created to scan this kind of objects , it was more for very fine objects like small miniatures, jewelry etc… MINI for MINI objects , however it is possible to scan bigger objects , you just need to develop your own workflow with that as each object is different and need different approach .

I suggest you just use small objects around the scanned object and scan it in one session from the beginning the end , don’t put it flat on the surface , make sure it is lifted slightly from the ground so you get clean edges ( just slightly ).

what I use in feature mode is this , simply printed objects
you can’t lose tracking with that when scanning features objects .


or made from silicone available on Amazon

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Tried with baby powder. I still could not get good enough results.

Baby power + IPA did not do a very good job covering the all the Black areas. (Dripped from walls)

I ordered one of ATTBLIME - AB2 and waiting to try with that. I have spend lot of time now and I watch all your youtube videos - PUTV.

I wonder my setup is an issue. I tried with in the dark. In the warm light(3K) and bright light(5K) any of the setups did not work.

I did not have the cubes so tried with surrounding dry cat food (lol) in the feature mode did not work. Cat food was not high enough and It was kind of brown color.

If anyone know color specific settings please share. Thank you.

I think the best way you just get yourself the proper 3D spray , don’t over spray it as it don’t have to be snow white .

Don’t use any brown, red, yellow objects for tracking ,it is not as much visible by a blue light scanner .