Scanning small items

New to scanning, Im using the Inspire I just received.
I’m trying to scan a small decorative bird for a friend. It’s 1 1/2 inches wing tip to wing tip and ½” front to back. I’ve tried several combinations of scan and background ( white, checkered, black) and cannot seem to get a clean scan. I used the turntable, tried hand held, adjusted the distance settings etc. is the item too small? What am I doing wrong? Any advice or suggestions are welcome.

Add additional objects to the scene , the volume need to fit the specs… adding additional objects that you can later remove will help capture smaller objects if they are too small .
The object you scanning is good for MINI

also pay attention that shiny plastic and black paint may be an issue while scanning . Use only materials that do noy absorb Infrared , or use 3D spray

Hey Catharina,

Thank you so much for your reply, much appreciated. I will follow up on these great suggestions, :crossed_fingers:.



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Hi Gilles

If you need anything or runs in troubles just post it here , we will find together solution for your scanning situation !

There is always way out :wink:


I’m having trouble scanning with my Inspire this toy tire. I’ve moved the scanner to approximately 12” from it. I’ve tried numerous settings: dark object… what needs to change?

You need to use 3D spray , not all materials can be scanned , not much to do with the color but what it is made off , some materials absorbing completely the infrared patterns that why they are not visible to the sensors …

After all you need to project the infrared patterns in your object surface for the sensor to read it … and if it absorb the infrared light …only 3D spray can help you and of course some alternatives …

You can use dry shampoo , baby powder, zinc oxide etc … to create the proper surface …