How to merge two scans?

Hey there, day 2 with Pop 2 scanner and trying to figure things out. I am scanning a helmet and I have scanned the outside and the inside of the helmet. How do I merge these two scans? Do I need another software? I only downloaded Handy Scan.


Hi Alan
You can use the software Revo Studio for this task

To get a CDKey (for activate the software), please reply to this post ā€“ [Windows & Mac Version] Revo Studio v3.0.5.4 - Beta Version

Alternatively you can use Meshlab (

Thanks for the reply. Hey can Meshlab merge two scans? Oh and first off I assume if Iā€™m scanning a helmet the inside and outside are two separate scans that I merge together right? As oppose to scan the outside, pause, scan the inside, complete scan.


Hi Alan
You can use both methods

Here is a tutorial to use meshlab to align the meshes

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Wow, thanks again for your help! This video will come in handy.