Multi Camera SetUp: Using Multiple Revopoints in a tandem mode

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I am currently working on a university project, where I’m focusing on quickly scanning parts, including sides that are otherwise hidden. Scanning all sides at once works by using 2- 3 scanners in a daisy chain.

I was wondering if anyone out there has experience on using multiple scanners simultaneously or in a tandem? Can you use, either the Pop2 or the upcoming Mini, in a multi camera setup?

Thank you already!

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I do not believe Revopoint software supports more then one scanner at a time. Also they do not have drivers for other scanning software yet??

There are options to scan an entire “Part” in one scan, by rotating and flipping the part during the scan.

I am building this scanning fixture;

Which will basically flip the scanner from the top to the bottom in addition to rotating the “Part”.

Once Revopoint opens up driver access to the scanner, someone will be able to write the software you are looking for. Seems I have seen this multiple scanner setup with the Kinect

Hi there!

Thanks for the reply!

I am aware that you could flip the object, but that’s exactly what I don’t want to do and the reason why I wanna use multiple cameras. Photoneo for instance is using two Motioncams “simultaneously”, which is exactly what I want to do, however with 20k unrealistic :see_no_evil:

So I can’t use a POP2/ Mini with a third party software or write my own?

Do you know if or when Revopoint opens up driver access?

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It has been discussed, but Revopoint has not make a commitment yet.

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There is no synchronization among Revopoint scanners and, if the emitter pattern from one scanner is seen by the sensors on another, there will be errors.

The only way to do this would be linking multiple computers running multiple instances of Revo Scan and controlling them to start and stop in sequence. This will work with the Mini (because I’ve seen the blue light turn off when not scanning), but I don’t know about the POP 2 (possible, but not guaranteed).

To the best of my knowledge, Revo Scan was not written to have a Python or Ruby port for control via a script, although you could ask @Revopoint3D-Cassie to weigh in.

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Hi Jeff!

yes the emitter pattern must not be seen by a second or third camera, which is why I would sequence them in way that they are a milliseconds apart.

Does the Mini only work with its very own software (Guess that’s Revoscan) or could I write my own software allowing me to use a multi- camera setup? Only using their hardware product could work?

Oooor perhaps scan with each camera and then export the scan to let’s say Meshlab and merge all the scans there?

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Currently, only Revo Scan works with the Revopoint POP and Mini scanners.

Personally, I like the idea of a synchronized array of scanners improving workflow.

I have read of some users building point clouds over 32 GB using the high-resolution Mini, so it seems exceedingly unlikely that one computer could control an array of scanners (256 GB of memory, at a minimum, plus PCIe 5 for data flow).

The simplest implementation in terms of development and time to market (a dedicated computer each running Revo Scan for each scanner) would certainly would be very expensive for a consumer-grade product, but a lot cheaper than many other professional-grade products of comparable ability.

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The idea is good, but the costs will kill it .
Not worthy the effort .
You will be better of to pay someone else for flipping your object while scanning .

You will need to write your own software to control at least 3 devices plus turntable , spending money on super computer with over 256GB yes there are one with higher memories than that and after all the money spent you will still need to flip the object once and wait 3-4 hours to finish one scan … so why bother ?
With the money you spent on it you could get yourself 80fps professional 3D scanner .

Get yourself a Dual Axis Turntable and it will do exactly the same as everything else you proposed with one scanner .

Scanning with multiple scanners in one go would allow me to scan body parts without the necessity to keep it still for more than a moment.
It is hard to not move your body at all for the time it takes to scan all sides.
But I understood from this thread that the only way to scan from different sides simultaneously is to work with separate systems.

I scanned full bodies at once without issues , that is the magic of POP2 , the reason I purchased it in first place.

Multiple scanners will not works at once since one scanner infrared pattern will interfere with second scanner infrared pattern .
I have multiple devices and it is impossible to scan at the same time even if you use separate computers the pattern will cross from one to another messing up the results .

The pasterns also moving constantly so it is impossible to align them in sections for accurate results

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Ok, that makes it clear. Multiple scanners will not work at the same time.
So I will stick to casting feet and scanning the casts.
(My clients are mostly not able to keep their feet up and stable).
Thanks for your explanation.


Assuming your clients have problems because of physical disablements, how about you build some sustaining structure like cushions, supports or a stool they put their lower legs on? So that the foot is free from all sides and ready to scan?

When the foot is accessible from all sides, the posture will not be optimal. The foot is like a hand, it can change shape in all kinds of ways.
How can the client hold his foot in a posture that represents a certain heel lift, toe spring, pronation etc. like it should have in the final shoe?
I need to hold the foot in the right position and shape while I grab the shape. To achieve that the foot must be hold and corrected by hand or placed on a double curved surface, which makes scanning from all sides impossible.
I know feet are scanned while standing on a glass plate, but for my job that is not good enough.
Scanning casts does work much better.

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the recfusion software allows this functionality and can be used with many scanners (kinect, primesense, azure, orbecc etc) but not with the revopoint POP. It’s a shame and I hope it will be added…