:Hidden Future Boost FPS (how to unlock)

Hi all,

I want to thank Revopoint for the automatic hidden extra FPS update per 1-4-23. You can unlock this modus by turning the scanner upside-down whilst scanning.

I’ve noticed it’s important to have turned the scanner before starting the scan!

Great job @Revopoint-Cassie and @PopUpTheVolume thanks! :frog: :trophy:

There is not a hidden feature @Elkoenjo

The speed depends of how many frame cells is captured at the moment so having smaller object will scan faster than big object covering the whole FOV .
This mean the FPS speed will never be consistent, as it depends of the speed of your system, Ram, SSD, USB, WiFi and what you are scanning etc…

There was not updated to the devices and they have already optimal speed set up with the firmware vs CPU processor of the device .

The main speed of Mini and POP2 is 10 FPS under Feature and less under Marker mode . Anything extra is just a bonus for the devices .

Also remember if you scanner produces more frames per second means the 360 degrees rotation will show more than 350 frames in one rotation since it is no more 10 frames per sec .

Setting it upside down will not make the CPU run faster .

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Since the first of April, it really runs faster when upside-down. :innocent:


Sillly Pop.
You been had.


Well you don’t got me since I know there are not features like that … however my statement is still true and rather informative.

Good job on the joke @Elkoenjo anyway :+1:t2:

But I am sure @penneyduck tried :joy:


Once again you’ve impressed me by the enormous amount of knowledge, facts and patience that you have.

But I do got you there :wink: This one is gonna be written in my palmares :slight_smile: :medal_sports:


As you wish !

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