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What Objects do You Normally Scan on the Dual-axis Turntable? :eyes:

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dental casts and stuff I scan with the mini, as mostly they fit fine on that turntable.

I am scanning toy figures (mostly Star Wars) from Hasbro , Disney etc.

small things wich needs to be rotated

Nothing because I don’t have one :sob: :sob: :sob:

What we could scan on the Dual-axis Turntable are small items such as:

  1. Small mechanical part
  2. Electronics
  3. Sculptures and art pieces
  4. Prototype models
  5. Jewellery

Mechanical objects for reverse engineering, mostly.

I don’t have one but I think it would be great for scanning figurines to capture more of the underside of details like arms etc.

my old GI Joes, and shells :slight_smile:

Anything that’s in scanning range of mini.
Ps5 dual sense.
Funko pop.
Last one was scaled down F1 car model.

Anything and everything! As long as it doesn’t topple over lol

I don’t have one but I think it would be great for scanning I do have several turn tables I use for scanning nicnacs around the house. as well as reverse engineering of items they no longer make.

Objects with overhangs and awkward lighting and high detail .

Everything that fit on the table.

I scan small statues usually made of copper or brass

Scanning electric toothbrushes for self designed holder/stand.