Handheld Stabiliser first experience

Can I know where to get it? It looks like a standard camera gimball.

Waiting eagerly for your review.

Works just the same with pop2.

With POP2, MINI & upcoming Range

Is there any update on the upcoming Revoscan release which supposedly supports the stabiliser?

I may know more this evening since there was 3 new important bugs yet to fix last Wednesday. It is major technical update with new improved functions but the Stabilizer start/pause button works already with the Stabilizer & POP2 , MINI & upcoming Range .

I know you guys need it like for yesterday , but releasing it unfinished will cause more issues than good .


Thanks for the heads up … I do not want to put pressure on the dev team just stay informed about the planned release …

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When can we expect the sale of “Handheld Stabilizer for POP 2, MINI” on Aliexpress

Just make sure I have not missed the much anticipated update for Revo Scan … is there any insight into a likely release date …

I was told IOS update will be released this week.
It’s now Friday in China.

Yes it is Friday 5am in China , hopefully new Revo Scan software will be out , I see no reason why not , at least for Windows version as I know it has fixed most of the major bugs already . Can’t speak about IOS .

I have been told by customer services IOS will be released this week.
Not long to go now.:+1:

Crossing met fingers for Revopoint.
If the update is not released by Monday I will be seeking a full refund.
Sick and tired of being fobbed off with excuses.

Sorry, I wish I could help you more, but this is beyond my reach and the office is closed for the weekend , I will leave a note, hopefully it will get resolved in time .

Pop I have huge respect for you.
For what you have done here, YouTube etc.
I have been told by 3 different customer services members over the last few days that the IOS update will be released this week to fix the non operational start stop button on the stabiliser.
They should not be selling the item to the general public in the first place knowing this function does not work. Not much fun when you only have the use of one arm.
They should not say the IOS update will be released this week when they know full well it won’t.

I do agree with you from the customer point you are right no doubts about. Sadly I can’t help you much here but I feel your frustrations , it is not good for anybody , not for the customer or Revopoint .
I will let you know on Sunday evening more about when the office is open again since they are 13h ahead of me , I am in NYC .

All the general public want to know is when the update will be released to fix the problem.
Being told it will be this week and it it isn’t just rubs salt into the wound.
One becomes, dare I say it, questioning Revopoint honesty.

As the IOS update has not been released this week to fix the non working start -stop button on the stabiliser as 3 members of the customer service dept said it woud be I have requested a full refund.
So far customer services are just giving me the run around.
Would like a bit of honesty othewise will go direct to Paypal.
what a bleedin state of affairs.

@penneyduck sorry to hear that , Customer service is a different department than the Forum, as a moderator I can’t handle orders related issues. I just sincerely hope your issues get resolved soon .
If there is anything else I could help you with, please let me know !

We can’t have the answer for that question early than tomorrow evening ( EST ) since the office is closed for the weekend and dev.team is not at work to answer that question.
The software was planned to be release this week for that reason you got the reply from Customer Service, but was pulled back for a revision due to a bug.
As soon as @Revopoint3D-Cassie is back in the office tomorrow evening at (EST) she will have the answer for you.