No Result with several try

Hi everybody ,

I received my Revopoint Range by the begining of the week but I don"t succed to have a good result !
I can’t scan my entire product without duplicating it or making a scanning error.

Can anyone have an advice?


I share to you 2 pictures ,

Hi @RemiHRZ

Hi, from the picture, the object is white and reflective, you can use some scanning spray or baby powder on it which will make it easier to be recognized by the scanner.

Also, the middle part of the object is not very distinctive, you may consider putting some markers on it and choose to scan it in marker mode.

Hi ! A re-try with a matt product and see the picture doesn’t works as well

Hi @RemiHRZ

This is an object with no visible features. You need to place some marker on it and then scan it in marker mode. Please put the marker densely and make sure that the scanner recognizes at least 5 marker dots at a time.

Hi @RemiHRZ for objects like that use the Magic Mat and marker mode while scanning , 3D structure light scanners need object features to be able to scan an object and if the object do not have it you need to use marker mode .
Avoid reflective surfaces , the scanner need to project infrared pattern on the surface and be able to read it with it’s sensors , reflective surfaces disturb that image .

The same issue here , what the scanner actually sees with this object is a 2D dimensional square , object is symmetrical , no disquisition between features .

3D scanners are used for scanning difficult to reproduce objects with lots of features , not a cubes as that objects can be made in 1 min as any other primitives , so if you really need to scan primitive geometries use magic mat with marker mode.

To avoid ghosting , duplicate surfaces, bad alignment, lose tracking and all the issues that new user experience.

Practice makes it perfect!

Check this section if the forum for lots of guide materials