Future Pop2 replacement?

I know in the product line up of scanners the order is Mini, Pop2, and now the Range. By order I also mean the scan area that each will cover. I have the Mini and backed the Range this week. At some point in a video I was watching this week I think I heard someone mention a Range 5 or a newer model being developed to replace the Pop2. I have no idea if this is true or I just misheard something. Just wondering if anyone else has heard anything about a future replacement for the Pop2?

Revo Scan 5 is coming , new design …I don’t hear anything about replacement for POP2, it don’t need any replacement , probably people calling Range replacement, but that is definitely not a replacement .


Thanks for the information. Are there any specs for the range 5 yet? I would guess it’s several months out from being released.

Range 5? You mean RS5 , I can’t share any specifications at this moment , it will be ready before users get Range for sure .