Miraco - Can I streamline my collection

Having a collection of scanners is great for the multiple use cases, but spec wise, where is the crossover?

I have (in order of aquasition)
Pop 2

Does the Miraco serve as a like for like replacement or improvement in specification over any of these.

as far as I see it specwise it has it all:from mini up to Range , so it replaces them all.

The idea of Miraco is that it’s an all-in-one scanning solution for pretty much any size of object.

Thank you, I’m wondering which areas are compromised in each comparison due to the all-in-one nature.

It’s impressive that it can achieve what it does, but I’d hate to say, get rid of the Mini only to find out the miraco its not quite as good on that side of things.

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Range and POP3 … and works better than both of them .

It is just a little of luxury … You can still do job with the old one , all about budget…

Nobody needs everything after all so it is your own personal choice here Gary