Fusing with Pop2 not working

I’m scanning a pumpkin for Halloween using the Pop2 since my mini doesn’t have color. The scan seems to go fine until I fuse it. When fusing is complete almost the whole scan disappears, only a few tiny random chunks. I haven’t used the Pop2 in a while, does it need to be calibrated?

Edit: I went ahead and calibrated it but no change in the fusing. I’m using the latest firmware and software for calibration and scanning.

It could only happen if the frames was not fused properly, not aligned before fusing , I wonder if there is some bug in the firmware update.
Let me check my other POP2 device with updated firmware and last software 4.1.1 and see if I came across any issues to determine if it the software or firmware .

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OK I was mistaken. I thought I had the latest Revo Scan update but I was wrong since a new one just came out 4 days ago. I did a quick test and it seems to be wiring fine now.


Ok thanks for letting me know , I was about to fire up my POP2 lol

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