Status of Bluethooth?

The specification in the user manual v2.1.0 of POP 3D Scanner page 6 mentions Bluetooth 2.4G .
Could you make clear to me if the POP Scanner has this Bluetooht provison or not? If not will it become available, on what term?
In my purpose there is not always Wifi available. so I like to work via Bluetooth.

Is it right that if the scanner is powered her Bluetooth is active? Or how should I activate it?
How can I find the name of the POPscanner in letters or in nummericals?

Until now I can not connect via 3 different Lenovo tablets. With Android 6 respectively 8 and 9 . How may I proceed? Pleae inform me clearly. Thanks.

I had to turn of WiFi and mobile data on my Samsung S20+ to get it to work via hotspot. Maby try that if you haven’t already?

Please Revopoint, could you react to me?

Hi Johan,

Sorry so much for the late reply. I just notice this post.

At present, the POP only supports being connected via USB mode or Net mode(Wifi mode), no Bluetooth connection mode at this period. But I will report your suggestion to our product team.

As for how to connect POP via Net Mode, you can check our newest users’ manual here: