First Scan, pretty impressive

Zero prep, literally just picked something up that wasn’t black. Used Blender to give contrast, was very pleased to see the detail captured here.

I have a background in reverse engineering using inspection quality laser scanners (creaform, Faro, Hexagon) take a lot to impress me and and I’m really impressed with this.
Feels like a steep learning curve but it has advantages other equipment doesn’t - ie getting into tight places. Well done Revopoint, looks like a great product so far.


Hi @JonHimself

Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent scan result!

I had pinned it to the top. Looking forward to more good results from you.

Best Regards

I like the scan, but I don’t recognize the (probably fictional) universe of this ship.

Its the Python from Elite Dangerous :grinning:

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Hey, I know what that is… got a few hundred hours flying one of those around in VR!