Feature request for mobile app

I have seen a couple of members /users request batch sending from the mobile app.

Also ending projects without fusing/meshing.

A few users are wanting to simple do mobile scans ,save the raw data to tranfer to pc later.

They are also wanting to be able to send multiply mobile projects or raw data. To one single pc project.


A rider suggestion on this multi-select + share suggestion:

Improve the Windows/Mac “desktop/laptop” versions of the program to have keyboard shortcuts on the “Share” button, and the “Show QR Code” buttons.

Buttons presses are intuitive on a touch screen, but the laptop/desktop version should also have a keyboard shortcut for each of those buttons to allow those with a keyboard to be quicker to share.

Please tell me to pull this comment out as a separate request, if that’s preferred for tracking!

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That what I do now already , you don’t have to process the file , just hit the home arrow and raw file project is saved without processing , of course it is not showing straight forward at this moment , a stop button would be more appreciated.


That’s is ok , I think that is great thread to post your own suggestions .

Since mobile device are not powerful enough to handle multiple scans in one project , that would be a great option if you scan the same model with multiple angles and pack them all together to one project folder at import.

However if there is also a batch import request it would get complicated since you will need 3 ways of import , single project, multiple projects and multiple projects into one project .

Idea is good , now it is up to the programming team .