Facial scanner for dental

Hello Im looking for a scanner that can scan the face of my patients and that has enough quality that I can see details on the teeth.

I have an intraoral scanner and I want to alineate two meshes: the mesh of just the teeth (from the intraoral scanner) and the mesh of the face + the teeth (from the facial scanner)

Ive used Revopoint INSPIRE 3D, but so far the results arent always good as you can see in the photo.

Im debating whether to get the MINI 2 (bit too expensive for me), POP2 (maybe not good enough?), or POP3 (expensivish).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You mean Align the mesh ?

I guess you answered yourself the question already .

You don’t want to spend money on s good scanner , there is nothing else .

POP3 will give you almost the same results as Inspire .
Mini 2 is better but there are limitations , it will not scan yellow colored surfaces and it is not designed to scan faces , teeth yes , but bigger surface problematic plus you need to scan in light controlled environment as too much light going to be an issue .

The problem you getting with your scan is that teeth are reflective , it creates lots of micro reflections , there is a special dental spray that you can use to scan your patient’s teeth to avoid any reflections

Inspire is pretty good to do the job here , you should have better results , just use feature mode and keep the distance at Excellent, start from scanning the teeth mouth first .

yup sorry i meant align the mesh. Hm yeah i dont wanna spend a lot of money (more than 1k) on a really good scanner because its something that i use occasionally. And yeah maybe im probably using it wrong and could get better results, ill keep trying, obviously im not gonna spray dust on someones mouth but at least ill try to dry em teeth and and keep excellent distance from the mouth.

So for now im gonna keep working on my technique! But inspire says it can capture up to 0,2 detail whereas pop 2 and 3 0,05… thats why i was thinking of changing for a more precise one?? but theres not much of a difference? its more dependant on the technique??

It is a special oral 3D spray used in dentistry for scanning teeth to avoid reflections of the enamel. Not dust :wink:

However if you dry it for a moment , it will give you enough .
Inspire can scan teeth as I tested it as long you use feature mode and excellent distance .

Practice the distance on some cast

He looks like Arnie.

These are the scanning sprays for intraoral appliance I know about:

ScanCure (SC-80, ODS Co, Incheon, Korea)

IP Scan Spray (IP-Division, Haimhausen, Germany)

Vita Powder Scan Spray (Vita Zahnfabrik, Stuttgart, Germany)

Dentaco scan`dry plus

GDT CAD-CAM Powder Scanning Spray

CEREC Optispray

And here is a comparison of first three regarding accuracy ( from 2021):

This was just a fast search, there for sure are more scientific papers on that subject aldo for other intraoral 3d scanning sprays if needed.

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