Pls do a dental cast scan

***I order my pop scanner but its still has not reach my hand ***

***so i want if any one have the scanner please do a dental scan to see the real power of ***


One of the reason for purchasing POP Scanner is to Scan Dental Model, I did some Scans but i am not happy with results, I am looking forward if there is any one have a good set up that can be shared here and if Pop Technical people can help regarding this.


can you send a few picture of your model and scan model ?

Sorry, but you cannot actually expect reasonable and useful dental scan from a scanner with accurracy UP TO 0.3mm which is about 100 worse than scanner normally used for that purpose. Which also cost a lot more than POP :thinking:

I figure the POP can fit inside a hippopotamus’ mouth, but not a person’s. Exactly how do you plan on conducting these dental scans?

I am sure he only wants to scan cast models like this

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Yes , exactly like this
I only want to see how much the scanner can capture details.

I should have done a better job of reading the subject line, because what you want to do was clearly stated there. My bad.

Hi! I don´t think you can get it any better. Doesn´t seem to be very useful for professional dental uses.

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Thanks a lot ,
You did a great jub with the scanner,
Honestly I didn’t expect such a quality from scanner , if we merge 3d scan of scanner
With photogrammetry , we have details from photos and measurements frome scanner ,
Now I’m making adjustment for photogrammetry
To get best result with lowest number of photo and after i receive my scanner i do a scan with scanner and in the end we have a great digital dental model with right measurement

Hi Ivan,

I am agree with you, I was planning to use the pop scanner to scan dental model for Orthognathic planning and create surgical Stents but with this quality it is risky to use this Data so, I decided to scan models by dental desktop scanner or use CBCT Machine to scan the model.

You can let us know how accurate your results are using your method, that would be interestings.

I surely would prefer some even old and used dental cast scanner for such tasks. :+1:

Sure , right now I’m working on image processing

To get best results ,

Unfortunately my scanner hasn’t reach my hand .

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Yes , your way is also correct ,
But you now I want make an accurate and low cost method that people don’t spend a lot of money on scanner ,
Also I know that my result will not be like the dental scanner but it’s Worth a try .

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