Exporting Scans

When scanning on android there are two files created, on is mesh which can be viewed from inside the app, the other should be the point cloud. When I want to export that second file, i. e. send it as mail attachment, it is always a zip file with only 22 Bits containing nothing. :worried:
Am I doing somwthing wrong? No such issues with ply files that are created when scanning on PC.

It would also be cool if we could choose many/all files to be sent. And also I would like an option to choose which files to save (only point cloud or mesh or both). And even cooler it would be if we could rename those files or make a name preset like “model###” to have model saved with less complicated names.

Hello, why not just take the files directly with a wire to copy all files on the computer.

I just tested to share a file with email, it works perfectly for me.

What phone you use?


i have huawei p30 pro.

yes, i could and will try copying with usb from within app. but what about people who want to share something (i. e. only that point cloud) on the fly when they are scanning only with their phones around?

so, when you send that other file from within app (the one you can’t “view”), you can also open it and import it as point cloud without problems and it is bigger than 22B? :thinking: interesting. then it might be an issue with my phone.

Same issue here, using a Samsung Galaxy S10e over WIFI. Every time I try to share the file it fails, and when I look in the folder using the phone it says the zip file is 22 bytes.