Scanning people using the android app - optimum workflow

Hi guys, just wondering what is an optimum workflow for scanning people (with texture) using the android app? Last time I tried, I decided to do the seperate scans (face, head, body) with the intention of combining them in studio. The person being scanned was getting bored (I’m still learning!) so I thought I would just capture the point cloud and mesh it all later in studio when I export it. When I exported it from my phone (via Google drive) I could only open the files in studio that I meshed in the app. Nothing else would open (& I couldn’t find the point cloud data for many scans). It also seemed to have much much worse textures than when viewed in the phone app.

I guess what I’m asking is what is the optimum way to do this whilst minimising the time for the person being scanned?

Also, what save file type is best to use?


You only want to fuse the point cloud on your phone with RGB data intact , do not mesh it otherwise you will get low quality mesh ,

  1. Scan the person with color using your phone
  2. Fuse the point cloud on your phone after scanning the part
  3. Open the fused point cloud data in Revo Studio on your computer
  4. Mesh it at high quality
  5. Export the mesh as *.ply files to Blender or Zbrush to create textures from it
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Thanks, much appreciated. I’ll give that work flow a try. Looks like it’s time to learn blender! (I’m assuming it’s not possible to do in meshmixer, I’m more familiar with that software?)…

You can use Meshlab to do the RGB to Textures