Engine block - POP2

Posted elsewhere but thought I would share here too.

Cast aluminium engine block, approx 520mm x 400mm x 300mm volume. No surface preparation required. Scanned using POP2 at low resolution. Setting it to high detail would burst the PC. Finish was over 10 million triangles so the scan has been ‘decimated’ down to 1.7 million to upload.

Accuracy appears to be very high from just looking at the alignment and flatness of machined faces. I will do a video on this and my workflow soon - just thought I would show what is possible. Plan to do a series on how to scan the whole engine and gearbox (inside and out) soon.


Wow, please provide details. What are your settings, how do you combine the scans, what was the software and workflows.


Wow. I can only dream.
My POP2 must be defective. It can only scan the model bust it came with and nothing else.

Amazing job! I hope to be able to do some scans like yours when I get my POP2. If I may ask, how do you create a 3D presentation like this, from a scanned or 3D model? Also, please share your settings if possible! Thanks!

cheers - its just uploaded to sketchfab.com and you play around with the settings.
Really handy for embedding 3D objects into forums and social media - limited to 100mb tho

Want to do a video of this at some point but, time time time…

Video is up :grin:


awesome workflow video, thanks a ton for that Jon.

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Great video. It’s always useful to see different techniques.

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