Accuracy test for POP2, reverse engineering

This idea was to test the high accuracy scanning on POP2 on a machined part.


Hi @JonHimself

Thank you so much for sharing this excellent video.

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That is amazing. Did you try anything similar with pop1?

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Yeah I was reassuringly pleased, esp with the spindle dimensions.

I did the rear hub with the POP1.

…and this caliper (amongst others)

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Great result, I’ll be playing this video back a few times to pick up some of your workflow. New sub on YouTube! Keep 'em coming!!

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Thanks - glad people are finding them useful If there is anything you think I should cover let me know.
I try to get one a week and keep them varied out but they actually take a lot of time to plan and edit (never done this before) so the support really helps.


It looks really good. Can you provide a guide to the alignment process you go through with Blender? I also use SOLIDWORKS, but don’t have a good process for aligning the mesh before importing into SW.

Yeah so many people asked so I did a video on it


thanks Jon, video was appreciated. I didn’t know about any of those features. Very helpful.


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are you manually moving the camera itself during the “Accuracy Test” video?
Thank you for posting!!

Love this Demo this is overdue as a product