POP2 Motorcycle/Auto Part Scans

I purchased a POP 2 scanner in June 2022. Here is a compilation of my best work so far.

84 Magna 500 Clutch Slave Cylinder
This was scanned with AESUB blue spray. I was not able to get all of the inside of the cylinder, so I used Revo Studio to auto fill the hole. Much of what looks like imperfections around the outside of the cylinder is actually leftover gasket material.
Original Part and 3D print of Scan. The scan was not oriented perfectly in the slicer, causing the surface finish on top.


Valve Cover
This was before I had scan spray. The other half of this cover does not have many unique features, so I was running into tracking issues since I was not using markers.

Saturn 5-speed transmission
Scanned without spray, the part was dirty enough to scan well without it. I could probably fill in some of those holes with additional detail scans.

84 Magna Side Cover
Got away with not using markers by keeping the corners or the tabs in the frame.

81 Suzuki GN400 Motor
My most involved scan so far. The result presented here is a merge of 5+ scans. Need a few more scans to fill in the remaining holes.
Exploded Piston
This came out of a 2-stroke golf cart. I did this in “fast scan” mode instead of high accuracy. This is a combination of 3 scans and my alignment is not perfect.


Excellent results. Much better than I would have expected for reverse engineering using the POP 2 (I’ve always had the best results with more organic shapes).

Very good results @AdamCotton
Thank you for sharing with us !

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Thanks. I’ve always had the best luck scanning components that have many unique features or a complex shape. Something like the valve covers below can be difficult to scan, as they are almost symmetrical 4 ways.


Structured light 3D scanners works best with scanning objects that have lots of features , simple objects are easy to model , you don’t need $1K scanner for that . Lots of features provide proper tracking points what makes it easier to scan.

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To help you with this type of object try placing other objects around the part and keep them in view as you scan the part, a blanket or rags wrinkled up underneath the part will help round the edges, if you keep the part elevated above the blanket a little its easy to clip out in Revo Studio later


Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to give that technique a try.

It has been a little while since I have done any serious scanning. Got back into it with this motorcycle side cover.
Can confirm the wrinkled cloth trick mentioned above works great for objects without many features.


Great job Adam !

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