Dual axis turntable screw holes

I don’t yet have a DATT but from photos and videos I notice there are 4 screw holes on the top and just wondered what these are for ?

I wondered this too. I guess you could screw stuff in to them to hold down things on the table.

Yeah that was my guess too, although the screw holes are off-centre so not ideally placed for this ??

It should have a flexibles clips with screw , but for some reason they skipped that idea .

I forgot the name of it but used long time ago , the clips helps to keep the object steady and not sliding down on tilt no matters the size . It can hold a ring or bigger figurine .
If I find it online I will let you know .

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So my DATT arrived today (couldn’t wait for santa :smile:).
The app is an excellent addition that I prefer over the options in Revo Scan but just wondering what the last option in the app is for …

It is for taking pictures for photogrammetry or textures with your phone or DSLR in steps … it moving each step in selected degrees you want then stop and move again .

Just try …